Poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area, March 2015

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Table 1: Poverty Rates in the Bay Area, Bay Area Counties, California and the United States, 2013

Poverty Level Percent of Population
RegionAllChildrenAges 0-4Ages 5-17
United States15.8%22.2%24.8%20.8%
Alameda County13.0%15.4%15.3%
Contra Costa County10.8%13.4%12.7%
Marin County8.7%10.3%9.2%
Napa County9.7%13.7%12.6%
San Francisco City/County13.8%14.4%14.7%
San Mateo County8.0%10.0%9.4%
Santa Clara County10.5%12.9%12.0%
Solano County12.9%17.8%16.6%
Sonoma County12.1%15.2%13.6%
Bay Area11.7%14.5%13.8%

Data Source:

United States Census Bureau, Small Area Income Estimates


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies; Marin Economic Consulting

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