Poverty in the San Francisco Bay Area, March 2015

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Appendix: Characteristics of the Bay Area Impoverished Population, 2013

  • A.1 Demographic Characteristics
  • A.2 Labor Force
  • A.3 Income
  • A.4 Race/Ethnicity, Age, and Families
  • A.5 Educational Attainment
  • A.6 Health Insurance
  • A.7 Geographic Mobility
  • A.8 Nativity
  • A.9 Language
  • A.10 Disability Status
  • A.11 Veteran Status
  • A.12 Fertility

Note: The data presented in this appendix are calculated from the American Community Survey 2013 1-Year Public Use Microdata Sample. The data presented in the body of the paper are from the American Community Survey 2013 1-Year Summary Files. Accordingly, there might be slight differences between the results presented here and those in the body of the report.

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