Population Growth in Silicon Valley, May 2015

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Figure 18: 2013 Estimated and 2014-2023 Projected K-12 Enrollment in Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties, San Francisco, and California

Data Source:

California Department of Finance


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data is from the California Department of Finance, California Public K–12 Graded Enrollment and High School Graduate Projections by County — 2014 Series (released December 2014), and includes estimates for 2013 and projections for 2014-2023. Silicon Valley data includes San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Bay Area data includes the entire 9-County Bay Area. Years listed are the start of the school year (e.g., 2013 indicates the 2013-2014 school year). Data excludes California Education Authority and special schools, and ungraded enrollment.

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