Drugs & Alcohol

Adult Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Clients

Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

Felony drug offense data are from the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports, as reported by the California Department of Justice in their annual “Criminal Justice Profiles”. 2011 data is not available. Drug rehabilitation data include the number of clients across all modalities utilizing residential and outpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation services provided by Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. This data reflects total number of cases in each modality and does not present unique client numbers. Some clients have sought assistance in more than one modality or more than once during a fiscal year. A person served could be double counted in terms of age because <18 clients can become =>18 in another treatment episode in the same report period. Data is provided by the Santa Clara County Department of Alcohol and Drug Services, and by the San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services. San Mateo County rehabilitation data prior to fiscal year 2004 cannot be updated, as the Behavioral Health and Recovery Services adopted a new data system in July 2003.

Rehabilitation figures are reported by fiscal year.

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