COVID-19 Deaths by Race & Ethnicity

Age-Adjusted Rate per 100,000

Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties | 2020

Share of COVID-19 Cases & Deaths, by Race & Ethnicity

with overall population share, 2020

Pacific Islander1.0%1.0%0.5%

Data Source:

California Department of Public Health

County of Santa Clara

CDC Wonder


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

COVID-19 case, death, and hospitalization data are from the County of Santa Clara and the California Department of Public Health. Santa Clara County cases are by specimen collection date; San Mateo County cases are by episode date (the earliest of: symptom onset date, specimen collection date, diagnosis date, lab result date, or death date); for California, United States, and the world, data are by reporting date. Death is by death date. Cases and deaths by age are calculated using case and death data through February 8, 2022. Case data for per capita cases are from the County of Santa Clara Open Data portal; County of San Mateo COVID-19 Dashboard, the California Department of Public Health, The New York Times, and the World Health Organization. Population data used to calculate per capita values were from the California Department of Finance (E-1: City/County Population Estimates with Annual Percent Change for January 1, 2021), the United States Census Bureau Population Clock (Estimate for January 2021), and the United Nations Population Fund World Population Dashboard (mid-year 2021). Age-adjusted deaths rates by race and ethnicity, and deaths by location are from the United States Department of Health & Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC Wonder. Population share by race and ethnicity are from the 2020 Census State Redistricting Data from the California Department of Finance, H2: Population and Percent Change by Race (Not Hispanic/Latino) and Hispanic/Latino: 2010 and 2020. Multiple and Other, White, Asian, and Black or African American are not Hispanic or Latino. Visit the Silicon Valley COVID-19 Dashboard for data updated daily ( The Silicon Valley COVID-19 Dashboard was developed in partnership with the Stanford Future Bay Initiative (Student Lead: Simone Speizer; Mentor: Derek Ouyang).

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