Child Care Costs

Annual Average Child Care Costs, by Care Center Type & Age Group

Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties, San Francisco, and California

Data Source:

California Department of Education


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data are from the California Department of Education via and the 2016 Regional Market Rate Survey of California Child Care Providers, prepared by ICF Macro. Child care centers are facilities that provide care for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and/or school-age children during all or part of the day. Family Child Care Homes are child care centers located in the home of a licensed provider, and have no more than 14 children in total. Infants include children under 2 years old. Preschoolers include children ages 2 to 5. Silicon Valley is calculated as the average of Santa Clara and San Mateo County child care costs. 2018 costs have been estimated using 2016 market rate data, inflation-adjusted to 2018 dollars using the Bay Area consumer price index for all urban consumers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for Silicon Valley data, 2018 estimate based on January-August, and the California consumer price index for all urban consumers from the California Department of Finance May Revision Forecast (April 2018) for California data.

*2018 estimate based on 2016 market rate data.

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