Arts & Culture

Relative Change in Consumer Spending on Arts & Culture Consumption, by Category

Silicon Valley | since January 2020


Data Source:

Earnest Analytics


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data is derived from a panel of over 6.5 million U.S. consumers, normalized by the Earnest Consistent Shopper Methodology, and includes consumer spending on Arts & Entertainment, Home Entertainment, and Hobbies. 4-Week Trailing Average Year-Over-Year Spending. Events & Attractions include Booking Platforms, Casinos, Indoor Entertainment Centers, Movie Theaters, Outdoor Attractions, Stadiums & Arenas, and Theme Parks; Home Entertainment includes Book Retailers, E-Books, Education Resources, Gaming, Music Streaming & Audio, News & Print Media, Social Media, and Video Streaming; and Hobbies include Arts & Crafts and Music. Silicon Valley includes the city-defined region. Percent change in arts and culture spending 2019-2020 is the average of weekly year-over-year percent change. 2022 data as of December 19.

Hobbies include arts and crafts, and music.

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