Arts & the Economy

Economic Impacts of Arts & Culture Industries

Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties | 2021


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Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data are from IMPLAN. All amountsare reported in 2021 dollars. Local Government Tax Revenues include County, Sub-County General, and Sub-County Special Districts. IMPLAN categories used include those used in the creative economy as defined by ACPSA-Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account in coordination with the BEA. Creative Economy Industries include Core (Specialized design services; Custom computer programming services; Advertising, public relations, and related services; Photographic services; Elementary and secondary schools; Junior colleges, colleges, universities, and professional schools; Performing arts companies; Independent artists, writers, and performers; Promoters of performing arts and sports and agents for public figures; and Museums, historical sites, zoos, and parks) and Supporting (Printing; Support activities for printing; Photographic film and chemical manufacturing; Pottery, ceramics, and plumbing fixture manufacturing; Other pressed and blown glass and glassware manufacturing; Glass product manufacturing made of purchased glass; Gypsum product manufacturing; Ornamental and architectural metal work manufacturing; Optical instrument and lens manufacturing; Nonupholstered wood household furniture manufacturing; Custom architectural woodwork and millwork; Jewelry and silverware manufacturing; Office supplies except paper manufacturing; Musical instrument manufacturing; Newspaper publishers; Periodical publishers; Book publishers; Directory, mailing list, and other publishers; Sound recording industries; Radio and television broadcasting; Cable and other subscription programming; Wired telecommunications carriers; Wireless telecommunications carriers except satellite; Internet publishing and broadcasting and web search portals; Video tape and disc rental; and Fitness and recreational sports centers). Core arts and cultural production industries are originators of ideas and content associated with the creation of arts and culture. Supporting industries produce and disseminate arts and cultural commodities. For more information on the Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account, including an overview, concepts, and methodology, see the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) and the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) “U.S. Arts and Cultural Production Satellite Account, 1998–2012” (BEA Briefing, January 2015).

Core and Supporting industries are listed in Appendix A.

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