Solar Installations by Sector

Percentage of Solar Capacity Installed Through the California Solar Initiative

Silicon Valley

Data on the Solar Installation by Sector are from The California Solar Initiative (CSI) as part of the Go Solar California campaign, the Palo Alto Municipal Utilities as part of the Photovoltaic Partners Program and from Silicon Valley Power. The CSI data shows calculated CEC PTC Rating, a measure of alternating current output of photovoltaic system under PVUSA Test Conditions as calculated by PowerClerk. The Palo Alto and Silicon Valley power data is the capacity by installation year, measured in alternating current kilowatts.

* 2013 data is through November 20.

Year based on First Incentive Claim Request Review Date, and includes application status as Completed, PBI-in payment, Pending Payment, Reservation Reserved, Confirmed Reservation, and Incentive Claim Request Review.

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