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Share of Employees at Silicon Valley’s Largest Technology Companies, by Race & Ethnicity


Data Source:

Individual company EEO-1 Consolidated Reports

Silicon Valley Business Journal


United States Census Burea, American Community Survey


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

The twenty largest Bay Area tech employers are from the Silicon Valley Business Journal, “Largest technology employers in Silicon Valley” ranked by local employee headcount and data from LinkedIn merged into one list of the largest 20. Employment numbers are from companies’ EEO-1 consolidated reports; technical roles include the EEO-1 job classifications of Professional and Technical, and Leadership roles include Executive/Senior Officials and First/Middle Level Officials and Managers. Data for Tesla, Intel and LinkedIn were excluded from this analysis since EEO-1 reports could not be accessed. The overall regional workforce data by race and ethnicity are from the U.S. Census Bureau, 2022 American Community Survey 5-year Estimates. Silicon Valley includes San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Multiple and Other includes Some Other Race, Two or More Races, American Indian or Alaskan Native, and Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; all race data are not Hispanic or Latino.

Tesla, LinkedIn, and Intel are not included in the analysis since EEO-1 reports could not be accessed.

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