Migration Flows

Foreign and Domestic Migration

Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

% Likely to Move Out

Bay Area, 2022

Think the Bay Area economy is in poor condition75%
Hispanic or Latino/a/x61%
Income <$75,00061%
Income $250,000+47%
Think the Bay Area economy is in excellent or good condition40%

Data Sources:

Chart: California Department of Finance

Table: Silicon Valley Poll


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data are from the California Department of Finance E-2 and E-6 Population Estimates and Components of Change, and include San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Estimates for 2022 are preliminary. Net migration includes all legal and unauthorized foreign immigrants, residents who left the state to live abroad, and the balance of hundreds of thousands of people moving to and from California from within the United States. 2021 and 2022 data are from the January 2023 release; 2011 to 2020 data are from the December 2021 release; 2000-2010 data were updated with the revision released in December 2011; 1991-1999 data were updated with the revised historical data released February 2005. Refugee Arrivals data are from the Refugee Processing Center, via the California Immigrant Data Portal (National Equity Atlas), and include the number of refugees admitted into the United States. Silicon Valley data includes Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties, plus the City of Fremont. Percent likely to move out is from the 2022 Silicon Valley Poll, and include those who responded that it is an “agree” or “strongly agree.” Democrats and Republicans include “leaners.” Employed includes part-time, full-time, or business owner.

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