Share of Local Elected Officials, by Gender

Silicon Valley

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Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data are from the GrassrootsLab GrassFire Directory (, a unique and comprehensive database that closely tracks, updates and categorizes local jurisdictions, elected officials and key staff members in California cities, counties and school districts. Silicon Valley includes the city-defined region. Local elected officials include any person elected through a city-wide or county-wide election to represent at either the Municipal, Mayoral or Supervisorial level. Race/ethnicity of elected officials are based on publicly available documentation that those officials self-identify with a particular racial/ethnic group. Other party affiliation includes American Independent, Green, Libertarian, Natural Law, Peace & Freedom/Reform, and Other. Data for Share of Local Elected Officials by Gender and Partisan Affiliation are through the end of 2019 and include results of the three council elections that took place in November in San Mateo County; data for Race and Ethnicity, and Professional Background are through January 2019. Local elected officials included 229 Councilmembers, Mayors, and County Supervisors in 2019 (Councilmembers in all 39 Silicon Valley cities across four counties, the 10 County Supervisors for Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties, the District 2 Supervisor for Alameda County, and the District 5 Supervisor for Santa Cruz County). Of those 229 seats, 103 were up for election in 2018 and six were up for election in 2019.

Includes local elected officials serving on City and Town Councils and County Boards of Supervisors.

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