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Silicon Valley

Data Source:

Silicon Valley Cities and Counties, Audited Annual Financial Reports

California State Auditor


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data were obtained from the audited annual financial reports from Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties and 39 Silicon Valley cities, including Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports, Annual Financial Statements for the Year End, Annual Financial Reports, Basic Financial Statements Reports, and Annual Basic Financial Statements Reports, as well as the State of California annual year-end financial report from the California State Auditor. Data for City Finances include both Government and Business-Type Activities (where applicable). Whenever possible, data were obtained from the following year report (e.g., the 2010 report for 2009 figures) because following year reports sometimes reflects revisions/corrections. 2018 data was obtained from the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 reports. All amounts have been inflation-adjusted and are reported in 2018 dollars using the Bay Area consumer price index for all urban consumers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for Silicon Valley data, and the California consumer price index for all urban consumers from the California Department of Finance May Revision Forecast (April 2019) for California data. Values are significant to the nearest $1 million due to rounding in the city and state reports. Revenues Minus Expenses is reported before Transfers or Extraordinary Items. Other Revenues includes any revenue other than Property Tax, Sales Tax, Investment Earnings, or Charges for Services. Other Revenues includes the following (as categorized by the various cities in Silicon Valley): Incremental Property Taxes; Public Safety Sales Tax; Business tax; Municipal Water System Revenue; Waste Water Treatment Revenue; Storm Drain Revenue; Transient occupancy tax Business, Hotel & Other Taxes; Property transfer tax; Property Taxes In-Lieu; Vehicle license in-lieu fees or Motor Vehicle In-Lieu; Licenses & Permits; Utility Users Tax; Development impact fees; Franchise fees; Franchise Taxes Franchise & Business Taxes; Rents & Royalties; Net Increase (decrease) in Fair Value of Investments; Equity in Income (losses) of Joint Ventures; Miscellaneous or Other Revenues; Cardroom Taxes; Fines and Forfeitures; Other Taxes; Agency Revenues; Interest Accrued from Advances to Business-Type Activities; Use of Money and Property; Property Transfer Taxes; Documentary Transfer Tax; Unrestricted/Intergovernmental Contributions in Lieu of Taxes; Gain (loss) of disposal of assets.

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