Venture Capital Investment in Clean Technology

Billions of Dollars Invested, and Share of California & U.S. Total Investment

Silicon Valley and San Francisco

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Data Source:

Cleantech Group’s i3 Platform (


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data provided by Cleantech Group’s i3 Platform ( For this analysis, venture capital is defined as disclosed cleantech equity investment deal totals. Silicon Valley data are based on Joint Venture’s city-defined region. The Cleantech Group describes “cleantech” as new technology, processes and business models, spanning a range of industries that enhance efficiency, reduce or eliminate negative ecological impact, and improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources. All values have been inflation-adjusted and are reported in 2016 dollars, using the Bay Area consumer price index for all urban consumers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2016 estimate based on first half data for the Silicon Valley and San Francisco data.

*2016 data is for Q1-3.

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