COVID-19 Community Resources

The Institute for Regional Studies has been responding to the COVID-19 crisis by continuing to collect, aggregate, and analyze data related to our region’s economic and community health, focusing on topics of utmost importance during the pandemic.

Silicon Valley COVID-19 Dashboard

View live data for Santa Clara County and San Mateo County on the Silicon Valley COVID-19 Dashboard. Here you will find interactive charts for both counties as well as downloadable chart data.

Institute Insights

Visit the Institute Insights page on the Joint Venture website for the Institute’s most recent reports, data files, and other resources.

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reports screenshot Reports

Get a more in-depth view of key topics including unemployment, commercial development, hiring, and layoffs and how they have been affected during the pandemic.

other resources screenshot Recent News and Blog Posts

You can also view recent news and the Joint Venture blog to learn more.

data files screenshot Public Data Files

View the underlying data to key topics like hiring, unemployment, layoffs, and more.