The Silicon Valley Indicators website is a collection of charts, data, and resources relating to Silicon Valley’s economic and community health trends.

A majority of the indicators presented here are published in Joint Venture’s annual publication, the Silicon Valley Index. Released every February at Joint Venture’s State of the Valley event, the Index is a nationally-recognized publication that has been telling the Silicon Valley story since 1995. The report not only publishes the data, but highlights challenges and provides an analytical foundation for regional decision-making.

The Indicators website is a project of the Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies, housed within Joint Venture Silicon Valley, a non-profit public-private partnership based in San Jose, California. For additional information about the Institute or Joint Venture, visit www.jointventure.org.

What is an Indicator?

An Indicator is a quantitative measure of relevance to Silicon Valley’s economy or community health that can be examined either over a period of time, or at a given point in time.

Good Indicators are bellwethers that reflect the fundamentals of long-term regional health, and represent the interests of the community. They are measurable, attainable, and outcome-oriented.

How to use the Indicators website

You may access data one of two ways:

  1. by searching for keywords in the search bar.
  2. by clicking on the Silicon Valley Data tab, and navigating through the category menu on the left-hand side of the data dashboard.

For reference, the Indicators are categorized as follows:

PeopleTalent Flows & Diversity
Income & Wealth
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Commercial Space
SocietyPreparing for Economic Success
Early Education & Care
Arts & Culture
Quality of Health
Land Use
GovernanceLocal Government Administration
Civic Engagement

Additional features to note:

  • Look under each chart to find relevant notes and data sources
  • Check out relevant charts below the annotations
  • Find links to additional local, regional and national resources for each Indicator’s category

How do you define Silicon Valley?

For the purposes of siliconvalleyindicators.org and the Silicon Valley Index publication, the geographical boundaries of the region have been defined as Santa Clara County (all), San Mateo County (all), and the cities of Fremont, Newark, and Union City (in Alameda County), and Scotts Valley (in Santa Cruz County). Because San Francisco is a vibrant contributor to the tech economy, data for the City/County of San Francisco are included in various charts throughout the Index. Some charts may include subsets of the region due to limited data availability, as noted.

Questions or Feedback?

Please contact us at institute@jointventure.org with any questions or feedback regarding the website or data presented here.