Daily Shuttle Trips

Number of Shuttle Trips on Weekdays, by Path

Bay Area | 2012-2014

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Daily Shuttle Trips
Total Number of Shuttle Trips on Weekdays
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties, San Francisco, and the Bay Area
Daily Shuttle Trips
San Francisco 612
San Mateo County 767
Santa Clara County 843
Bay Area 1,126

Data are from the Bay Area Council and Metropolitan Transportation Commission 2016 Bay Area Shuttle Census and includes the number of private shuttles traveling between Bay Area and adjacent counties each day. Data were collected by the Bay Area Council in 2016 (for the period from 2012 to 2014) via a web portal where shuttle sponsors and operators self-submitted their information. Data entry was voluntary and anonymized, so only a partial sampling of the 35 participating sponsors and operators was included. Shuttle sponsors included Bay Area companies and academic institutions; shuttle operators included companies that operate shuttle services for numerous individual sponsoring organizations. The Shuttle Census focused on commuter and “last mile” services only and did not include airport or charter transportation services. Daily Shuttles on the Road assumes that shuttles operating between San Francisco and Santa Clara County must travel through San Mateo County; likewise, shuttles operating between Marin and San Mateo County are assumed to pass through San Francisco. Shuttles operating between Marin and Santa Clara County were not assumed to travel through San Francisco or San Mateo County, although it is possible that they do.

Line weight is proportional to the number of shuttles.

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