Share of Commuters Who Bike to Work

Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties

Number of Bicycle Commute Trips Per Day
Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties
2006 2011 2016 % Change 2006-2016
21,724 38,642 41,618 92%

Data Source:

United States Census Bureau, American Community Survey


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data are from the United States Census Bureau, American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates, and include workers 16 years old and over residing in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties commuting to the geographic location at which workers carried out their occupational activities during the reference week whether or not the location was inside or outside the county limits. The data on employment status and journey to work relate to the reference week; that is, the calendar week preceding the date on which the respondents completed their questionnaires or were interviewed. This week is not the same for all respondents since the interviewing was conducted over a 12-month period. The occurrence of holidays during the relative reference week could affect the data on actual hours worked during the reference week, but probably had no effect on overall measurement of employment status. Bicyclists include people who biked to work as their most common means of commute (the greatest number of days per week) and/or for the longest distance during the work trip (if they used more than one means of transportation to get to work each day). The number of commute trips is estimated as the number of commuters multiplied by two (assuming each commuter has one two-way commute).

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