Waste Disposal per Capita

Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties, and the rest of California

Waste Disposal per Capita
Percent Change
1995-2011 2010-2011
Silicon Valley -36% -6%
Rest of California -26% -2%

Data are provided by the California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, Local Government Central – Disposal Reporting System (DRS): Jurisdiction Disposal and Alternative Daily Cover (ADC) Tons by Facility. This report provides annual estimates of the disposal amounts for jurisdictions in California as reported by County/Regional Agency disposal reporting coordinators. Silicon Valley includes Santa Clara and San Mateo counties. The daily estimates are calculated according to a 365 day calendar. California population estimates come from The California Department of Finance’s “E-4 Historical Population Estimates for Cities, Counties and the State, 2001-2010, with 2000 and 2010 Census Counts” and “E-2 California County Population Estimates and Components of Change by Year, July 1, 2010–2012”.

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