Solar Installations

Cumulative Installed Solar Capacity

Silicon Valley

Data Source:

Palo Alto Municipal Utilities

Silicon Valley Power

Pacific Gas & Electric – PG&E data is available at Data may be requested from each of the Silicon Valley municipal utilities for their respective territories.


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data are from Palo Alto Municipal Utilities, Silicon Valley Power, and Pacific Gas & Electric, and include the entire city-defined Silicon Valley region. Years listed correspond to when the systems were interconnected. The category Non-Residential includes Commercial, Non-Profit, Government, Industrial, Utility, Military, and Educational. Cumulative installed solar capacity does not include installations prior to 1999. All systems included in the analysis are Net Energy Metered and Non-Export PV. PG&E data is from the California Solar Statistics, which publishes all IOU solar PV net energy metering (NEM) interconnection data per CPUC Decision (D.)14-11-001. 2017 data are through October for the municipal utilities, and through September for PG&E.

*2017 data are through October for the municipal utility data, and through September for the PG&E data.

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