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PricewaterhouseCoopers/ National Venture Capital Association Money TreeTM Report, Data: CB Insights


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data are from the MoneyTree™ Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association (with data from CB Insights). Greater Silicon Valley includes Northern California, the Bay Area, and the coastline. Industries included in the Moneytree report are defined as follows: Agriculture (all aspects of farming, including crop production and health, animal production and wellness, as well as machinery, products, and related activities), Automotive and Transportation (all elements of travel by air, automobile, train, trucking, and other forms of transportation; also addresses manufacturing, parts, and maintenance), Business Products and Services (All business needs and associated services: advertising, PR, HR, staffing, training records keeping, legal services, consulting, office supplies and furniture, information services, hardware, facilities, and more; also covers associated services like commercial printing, outsourcing, and packaging), Computer Hardware & Services (Physical computing devices and related services, though specifically not the software used on those machines; includes personal and business computers, networking equipment, leasing companies, peripherals, handhelds, servers, supercomputers, gaming devices, and IT services), Consumer Products and Services (all goods and services for personal use, not Business or Industrial, including but not limited to: appliances, automotive services, rentals, consumer electronics, clothes, home furnishings, jewelry, pet products, tobacco, toys and games), Electronics (Concerned mainly with electronic components like chips, semiconductors, switches, motors, testing equipment, and scientific instruments; also related manufacturing services), Energy and Utilities (energy production, distribution, and storage, including fossil fuels, renewables, electric power companies, companies focused on energy efficiency, as well as companies researching new energy sources or technologies), Environmental Services & Equipment (companies that deal with repairing damage after an environmental event has occurred or aim to help limit the negative ecological impact of an event or company; this includes environmental and energy consulting, hazardous waste services, recycling, cleanup, and solid waste), Financial (companies dealing with wealth in any form, including but not limited to: accounting, banking, credit and collections, investments, online payments companies, and lending), Food & Beverages (food and drink of all kinds: retail and wholesale, fresh ingredients, prepared and canned items, and foodservice, but not restaurants – see Leisure; also includes food safety, flavoring and condiments, alcoholic products, and distribution), Healthcare (all aspects of medical care and wellness: diagnosis, drug development and distribution, medical products and facilities, healthcare plans, and alternative treatments and elective procedures), Industrial (equipment and facilities that are neither commercial nor residential/consumer and all related applications; mainly concerned with materials, facilities, heavy machinery, and construction), Internet (online applications, but neither the hardware on which they are run nor the ISPs that make transactions possible; all ecommerce sites are included, as are webhosting services, browser software, online advertising, email, online communications platforms of all kinds, online learning, video, and more), Leisure (in-person entertainment like movie theaters, casinos, lodging, restaurants of all kinds, sporting events, gyms, and recreation facilities), Traditional Media (all forms of non-Internet entertainment that is also not in-person – see Leisure; includes film, video, music, publishing, radio, and television), Metals & Mining (companies involved with extracting raw materials from the earth and their processing; larger categories contained herein include aluminium, coal, copper, diamonds and precious stones, precious metals, and steel; additionally the brokering and distribution of these items), Mobile & Telecommunications (communications companies and associated technologies, from overarching categories like fiber optics, telecom equipment, infrastructure, towers, and RFID systems to applications like mobile software, mobile commerce, and the telecom companies that facilitate communication over their networks), Non-Internet/Mobile Retail (brick-and-mortar retail locations of all kinds: clothes, electronics, appliances, physical media, grocery, office supplies, and every other item purchased in person that is not a leisure activity – see Leisure), Risk & Security (Ssecurity services and products that operate primarily in the physical world and encompass personal protective equipment, security and surveillance equipment, security guard companies, consultants, and more), and Non-Internet/Mobile Software (Software not covered under “Mobile” or “Internet”; It can be hosted on a user’s machine or accessed remotely and can be used for any application; in this category, the software itself is the user’s primary concern, not the delivery method as in Internet and Mobile categories).

The category Other includes Agriculture, Environmental Services & Equipment, Financial, Leisure, traditional Media, Metals & Mining, non-internet/mobile Retail, and Risk & Security. Industry definitions are provided in Appendix A of the 2017 Silicon Valley Index.

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