Share of Households With Income Greater Than $150,000 Annually


Santa Clara & San Mateo Counties, San Francisco, California, and the United States

Data Source:

United States Census Bureau, American Community Survey


Silicon Valley Institute for Regional Studies

Data for Distribution of Income and Housing Dynamics are from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, 1-Year Estimates. Income ranges for 2012-2016 household count by income category based on inflation-adjusted 2016 dollars, 2011 count based on inflation-adjusted 2015 dollars, and 2010 count based on inflation-adjusted 2014 dollars. Silicon Valley data includes Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. Income is the sum of the amounts reported separately for the following eight types of income: Wage or salary income; Net self-employment income; Interest, dividends, or net rental or royalty income from estates and trusts; Social Security or railroad retirement income; Supplemental Security Income; Public assistance or welfare payments; Retirement, survivor, or disability pensions; and All other income.

Household income includes wage and salary income, net self-employment income, interest dividends, net rental or royalty income from estates and trusts, Social Security or railroad retirement income, Supplemental Security Income, public assistance or welfare payments, retirement, survivor, or disability pensions, and all other income excluding stock options.

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